Outdoor skating has been very popular amongst Estonians throughout history – most older Estonians have fond memories of skating in school-yards and ponds.

Of course, you can skate all year around in indoor skating rings but the best fun is in winter.

Winter skating rinks are open all over Estonia – whether it’s a lake, river, open air rink or even a cleaned track in a bog or bay – ice skating outside when it’s snowing is fun.

Tallinn Old Town provides a beautiful scenery for open air ice-skating, and skating on frozen Haapsalu bay is something for the more adventurous. In Tartu Lõunakeskus (shopping centre) you can ice-skate and shop under the same roof.

There is no need to bring your skates along: you can rent everything necessary on the spot.

Skating is active fun suitable for young and old, families and couples – though some physical shape is necessary to make the most of it.