Before sleighs were invented and introduced to Estonian market, Estonians used linen bags or linen hanks for sledging. These days children use pretty much everything – even plastic bags. If it slides – it works.

Shrove Tuesday, which is in February, is still the day when almost every Estonian will go sledging – the longest slide is believed to bring luck. In the old days it promised good linen harvest luck. On Shrove Tuesday traditional Estonians eat pea soup and lenten buns.

Sledging and snow tubing is fun for the whole family. Cross country kick sledge trips promise a unique experience for adventurous people. Most farm houses with horses offer sleigh riding. There is something for every taste and all equipment is provided, so take your seat at the sledge and enjoy.

When it’s not snowing you and your whole family can still have fun on the snow tube hills where they use artificial snow. Best places for that would be Tallinn, Viljandi and Otepää with their different slopes for different ages and special tubes for small children. Snowtubing can be enjoyed at Otepää Snowtubing.

Kick sledging trips can be especially enjoyable in national parks and nature trails throughout the country. Kick sledging on ice is less popular but will promise of unique experience. Ice sledging is less popular but once you try it you’re bound to be hooked.