Estonia is a country of wild nature, over 1000 manors and castles, long colourful history and ancient architecture – oh yes, and mysterious legends, “haunted houses” and ghosts... So they say.

If you are a believer in the supernatural, Estonia is the place for you. Tallinn, the capital, has its beautiful UNESCO protected Old Town bursting with legends of intolerable cruelty, tragedy and magic. No wonder most of the Old Town houses are being said to be haunted.

Take a walk along the ancient walls surrounding the Old Town – those magnificent watch towers have witnessed it all: virgins buried alive, priests committing crimes and brave, mysterious men engaging in heroic actions. The Old Town's main square, Raekoja, was used for medieval torture and allegedly for executions, too. The site of the shame-pole is marked with a large, circular stone right in the centre of the square. The shame-pole was used as a penalty, wrong-doers were tied to the pole for days so people passing by could throw stones, rotten fruit and eggs at them.

The ancient Gustav Adolf Grammar school in the Old Town was built into a monastery surrounding the Russian Orthodox church. People say, that on quiet nights you can still hear, and see, monks walking the old stone stairs.

If you come to Estonia during the summer, be sure to visit the “summer capital of Estonia” Pärnu, known for it’s beautiful beach, party-minded atmosphere and several paranormal activities reported in the area. Visit nearby town Tori with it’s alluring caves in a sandstone called Tori Põrgu (The Hell of Tori), a place the Devil calls his home.

In August (and clear nights of February), we recommend you to take a trip to a beautiful sea-side town of Haapsalu. Enchanting streets, beautiful handicraft shawls known as the “miracle in lace” and festival of the White Lady are among very unique experiences you could enjoy. Yet, nothing compares to seeing her, the White Lady in person as she appears in the windows of Haapsalu Castle.