Because of its location, Estonia is strategically important and the legacy of warfare is widely present.

As a nation, Estonians are very interested in history and therefore knowledge of military history, old military bases, etc. is very good in general. Military history tourism is increasingly popular among the locals.

Check out the timeline of key events in Estonian History.

Military Museums in Estonia:

  • War History Museum in Tallinn is the best place to start, as it gives a comprehensive overview.
  • Museum of Occupations in Tallinn reflects developments in Estonia from 1940 to 1991, when Estonia was alternately occupied by the Germany and Soviet Union. Army, prison and interrogation memorabilia are on display.
  • Vaivara Sinimägede Museum in East Estonia The Battle of Tannenberg Line was the bloodiest battle ever fought on Estonian soil. The campaign spanned combat in the area of the Sinimäed Hills in 1944 while a German force of more than 22,000 men held off a Soviet advance of almost 150,000. As the Soviet forces were constantly reinforced, the casualties of the battle were huge and hundreds of tanks were lost.
  • Hiiumaa Military Museum contains World War II memorabilia and is considered by some as the most impressive in Estonia.
  • Independence War Museum in Lagedi, near Tallinn is about Estonia’s War of Independence 1918-1920.
  • Naissaar Museum in Naissaare Island, near Tallinn, displays Soviet border guard equipment and propaganda publications.