Kumu Art Museum displays an overview of Estonian art from classic period to the modern day, it has a great collection of Estonian Modernists and Socialistic realism. It also houses musical and academic events

It is also declared as the best museum in Europe. There are also an extensive cinema programme and various cultural happenings.

Estonian History Museum collects and displays all kinds of interesting exhibits about Estonia and its history from ancient Arabic gold coins to medieval weaponry.

The museum itself is situated in a medieval building - Great Guild Hall - in Tallinn Old Town.

Estonian Maritime Museum hosts a diverse collection of exhibitions on the rich history of the Baltic Sea, including various ships on display. The Baltic Sea with its busy historical trade routes has many shipwrecks. Information about these is also available.

You can also look inside the only surviving pre-World War 2 diesel submarine.

Estonian Open Air Museum is a natural history museum that focuses on giving its visitors a glimpse on Estonian country life and village communities.

It’s possible to have a lunch at old ‘kõrts’ (tavern) and since the museum is open air, its also possible to also have picnics.

Road Museum is the place where you can find a 1000 m2 machine hall with an exhibition of machines that have been driven on Estonian roads throughout times as well as technology that was used to build them. Drive to the museum will take you through the old curvy Tartu-Võru postal road.

Tartu Toy Museum is located in an old wooden building in the heart of Tartu’s Old Town and displays toys that children in Estonia have played with throughout the ages. The museum has play and workshop rooms and children are also offered the opportunity to partake in a film-making programme.