Tallinn – a foodie haven

If you're looking to explore the sweet and salty of the contemporary Estonian cuisine, then Tallinn should definitely be on your bucket list. Estonia's capital city is a perfect place to try the modern Estonian cuisine inspired by its history and people. What better place to explore the aristocratic tastes of medieval tradesmen or witness a high-end Nordic culinary tradition in making then this UNESCO heritage capital city.

If fine dining is your thing then get booking

Without exaggerations, Tallinn is quickly making a name for itself as a major gourmet destination in Northern Europe..and an affordable one too! German, Scandinavian, Russian and local rural kitchen meet in contemporary setting using mostly local and seasonal ingredients to serve up a range of subtle and flavoursome capital city dishes. As Tallinn becomes more international every year, so do our dishes, inspiring the local chefs to experiment with a range of exciting ingredients that compliment the traditional Estonian palate.

If you're looking for a modern Estonian kitchen with a twist, then check out Horisont, Ribe, Neh and Salt – all of which are listed in top 10 of 50 Best Estonian Restaurants (Flavours of Estonia 2013). For those with a craving for more exotic things, try Tchaikovsky restaurant in Tallinn Old Town, which focuses on traditional Russian cuisine. Tchaikovsky also continues to be one of the top gourmet restaurants in Tallinn, receiving a second place in the 50 Best Estonian Restaurant listing in 2013. Chedi serves up a modern Chinese kitchen and is considered not only the best of its kind, but one of the best restaurants in Estonia altogether.

Tallinn Restaurant Week is a hugely popular food event that takes place every autumn offering a range of great value dining in Tallinn's top notch restaurants.

Tartu – up for a brunch?

This charming city of scholars is best for a scrumptious afternoon meal. Werner Cafe is one of the oldest cafes in Estonia and has once been the meeting spot of writers, poets and other historical figures in Estonian history. Across the road you'll find another historical lunch spot - Tartu University Cafe – this romantic a la carte restaurant holds something from every era in the local history, from Tartu's medieval heyday right up to the 20th century. For something a little more upmarket, walk right up to Tartu City Square to find Cafe Truffe  - a multiple award winning restaurant and a catering company which is also considered to be one of the best in Estonia (Flavours of Estonia 2014). If Tartu has stolen your heart, why not stay for a dinner? Try the a la carte restaurant at Antonius Hotel for a romantic dinner experience in an elegant cellar restaurant with its many side chambers and a light-filled glass atrium. 

Only in Haapsalu

In addition to this coastal town having been the source of inspiration for the Russian composer Pjotr Tchaikovsky, Haapsalu also attracts visitors with its beautiful cafes and restaurants. Simply walk in and enjoy the rediscovered charm of the thriving 20th-century cafe culture in Estonia. Dine in style in an old dance hall, offering picturesque views of the coast and the tsarist promenade, or head to Haapsalu Old Town for a row of charming small town cafes including Hapsal Dietrich. Once a family-run bakery, the cafe and restaurant is now making a name for itself as one of the best in Estonia (Flavours of Estonia 2014).

As you're passing through, don't forget that many other Estonian cities such as Pärnu, Kuressaare and Viljandi have their very own unique restaurant and cafe scene very much worth of exploring.