Estonia is a popular holiday destination for its historical cities, beautiful nature, friendly locals...and affordable prices. Similarly to other flourishing European countries, the prices can vary and budget options are warmly welcomed by locals and visitors alike. Here's a few smart tips for a budget holiday in Estonia.

Think like a local

Make yourself at home in Estonia by staying at bed and breakfasts or camp in the summer. The city centre's budget hostels and low-cost hotels are also great for those looking to dive into Estonia's inner-city life.

Avoid touristy areas in city centres

When shopping or going out, you might want to avoid city squares but don't exclude them from your route as there's usually a good reason why people are attracted to these landmarks...such as unique medieval architecture for instance. Bear in mind that you might stumble upon a cool and affordable joint just around the corner from a popular tourist spot.

Eat while out and about

While most cafes and canteens offer a lunch special for around €3 (look for “päevapakkumine” or “päeva” menu), the many supermarkets scattered around Estonian towns have warm delis for a takeout meal. Grab a pack of plastic cutlery, better even – save a buck and bring your own - and dine in Estonia's many parks and green areas.

Estonian pubs serve a variety of dishes from light bites to full courses, providing a great and cheap alternative to a meal at a restaurant with prices ranging from €3-€8. Veggie (”taimetoit” in Estonian) options are usually available at most city pubs and many places let you mix and match dishes of your flavour.

Walk & Cycle

While there's a hundred if not a thousand reasons to go by foot or hop on a bicycle, Estonia's towns and villages are often so compact that taking a bus or a taxi might seem unnecessary altogether.

Hit the countryside

Considering that half of Estonia's territory is covered in forests, the countryside is almost impossible to avoid and you can't go more budget-friendly than that. Spending a couple of days or weeks in Estonia's untouched nature is great for the soul and easy on the wallet.

Remember - the best things in life are free

Take in the local buzz – Estonians might be known for being a little reserved but generally a very helpful bunch, if we may say so ourselves. Socialise with the locals and other travellers for juicy insights on the best sightseeing spots, events and special deals to make your budget holiday that much more memorable.

So you see, there's ample opportunities to have a cool and fun holiday in Estonia while travelling on a shoestring. Send in photos and follow other travellers' journeys in Estonia through Visit Estonia's social media.