If you’re looking to experience Tartu on a budget, why not jump on the bandwagon and explore the student side of Tartu - from enjoying a good read at Tartu’s many green hilly areas to taking part in the town’s exciting nightlife. 

Getting here

The best way to travel to Tartu is by coach or a train from Tallinn, although many smaller towns have direct connections to Tartu as well. If you’re travelling to Tartu from the south, you can catch an international coach service from most European capitals. Some local students still hitchhike between Tallinn and Tartu or use car sharing forums to find a ride.

Bike it

Tartu bares a strongly requited love for cyclists. Thanks to the size of Tartu, you can get from a to b in less than a couple of minutes. You can find a two-wheeled friend from most bike shops with some hostels renting out bicycles as well. 

Take a stroll

Central Tartu has many hills and small valleys hiding some key attractions. Get some exercise and a lung-full of fresh air and explore Tartu on foot.

Cheap eats

Tartu is great for budget travellers looking for an affordable place to eat. Daily offers at various cafes and pubs are available for browsing at www.paevapraed.com. Look for “päevapakkumine”, “päevapraad or “päeva” menu.

A night’s rest

Hostels and university halls are great for travellers looking for a simple place to stay. Many hostels and B&Bs offer a bed for €15-€30 per night. Select and book your budget accommodation in Tartu through visitestonia.com/accommodation.

Free stuff itinerary

Just arrived in Tartu but don’t know where to start your low budget city expedition? It’s easy as pie: first pick up a city guide from Tartu visitors centre and pinpoint your free haunts. Churches, playgrounds, parks and nature walks in Tartu are all free and open to the public. Many museums, including Tartu City Museum, Tartu Song Festival Museum and Tartu Toy Museum have free admission on the last Friday of every month.
Tartu hosts a couple of major festivals and events which are free to the public. These include Tartu Student Days held every spring and Tartu Hanseatic Days celebrating Tartu’s medieval past. Tartu student community is active year-round: from pancake Sundays to boat races, regular events are announced on the Facebook page of Tartu Student Days