Whether you’re looking to do some soul searching or embrace the nature, you can wander freely through Estonia’s national parks, alongside deserted beaches and forest paths, passing tiny rustic villages and ancient monuments.

Getting around

Public transport tends to be the cheapest way of getting around in Estonia, expanding to many rural areas as well as cities.

Budget trains

Trains are great for travelling the mainland Estonia, stopping at many rural villages located between the cities and you can take your bicycle with you for free. A single ticket costs between €2 and €10, ISIC Card holders get additional discounts.

Budget coaches

Coach fares from Tallinn vary from as little as €3 to as much as €17 with applicable student and elderly discounts. Some companies such as SEBE offer youth discounts for all globetrotters under the age of 30.

Take a hike!

From the height of summer to the dead of winter, Estonia is always great for hiking. As far as hiking trails go, you can find anything from 1 to 370-kilometre tracks covering forests, lakes, bogs and national parks. Whether you’re a city dweller escaping for the day or a hardcore nature enthusiast, nature holiday in Estonia is definitely something to look into.

Sleep under the stars

There’s no better place for camping than Estonia, and nature-loving Estonians yearn for a summer country retreat. On the road you’re likely to meet fellow backpackers as well as top execs stoking bonfires and gazing at the horizon. If you’re travelling with a crowd, you can rent a log cabin with sauna facilities for as little as €50 per night. A map of free camping sites and log houses is available on the website of Estonian State Forest Management Centre.

Free treats from the forest

Forget the supermarket and get the fresh stuff on the go. Estonia’s winding forest tracks overflow with tasty goodness. Get a mushroom stew going or stuff your face with blueberries, lingonberries, wild strawberries and raspberries straight off the shrub. Now that’s what you call a free snack! The less experienced scouts should prepare a trail mix and a picnic beforehand because wilderness in Estonia comes with a capital letter, meaning that the nearest village shop might be a day’s journey away.

Capture and share with #VisitEstonia

99% of Estonia has phone reception and you can use mobile Internet to boost your social media profile with some truly awesome photos of you with the Estonia’s famous wildlife.