As our accommodation ratings and qualification demands for ’stars’ are higher than average in Europe, you can be assured to receive top service when staying in places rated 3 stars and above.

Estonia has a law, requiring service institutions to be fully accessible, and those not being able to follow (for example, in Old Town the historic architectural restrictions) are usually staffed with friendly and very helpful people.

For blind or poor sighted travellers:

  • If you get lost, ask for help. Many Estonians , especially in Tallinn, speak English or they are quite eager to find a way to communicate if someone is having difficulties.
  • Guide dogs are allowed on public transportation.
  • On most of Tallinn’s public transportation, voiceovers announce the current and next stops.
  • Some public buses have their route numbers on the side printed in white, on a black background – a project still undergoing. Front and back numbers always black on white background. Trams have front numbers electronic, light colour on dark background.
  • In central Tallinn, some crossings have the sound system for traffic lights.

For wheelchair users:

  • It is not always possible to get around alone, so bring your family or friends :)
  • Travelling to Estonia: Airport and harbour are wheelchair friendly, fully accessible.
  • Travelling to Estonia: Buses and trains are usually not accessible so getting in and out can be a significant problem.
  • Travel around Estonia: long distances are most comfortable in a train, but be sure to alert the staff, as most doors do not have ramps.
  • Travel around Tallinn: Buses and trams, that have the shallow entrance, are marked yellow on the schedules – however, as the pedestrian sideway is usually few metres apart from the tram stop, you usually require help to get on board (same goes for the bus).
  • Most popular museums are fully or almost fully accessible.

Shops and Accommodation Accessibility

  • Most spa and wellness centres are accessible.
  • Big shops are usually accessible – but smaller ones may not be.
  • Medical centres are accessible and Estonia offers good recreation services.
  • Many large stores and restaurants allow guide-dogs.


Public toilets are an issue throughout Estonia – choose the ones in restaurants, hotels and shopping centres for easy access, or use the petrol stations (for example Statoil) when on the road.