AHHAA Science Centre in Tartu is for families who are looking for surprises and excitement, and want to try everything themselves. It is definitely worth planning at least half a day to visit the Science Centre. Science has been transformed into an exciting adventure. While engaging in fun activities and acquiring new skills, time flies unexpectedly fast.

 Vembu-Tembumaa is an amusement park for families with very small children. However, there is enough entertainment for children of all ages. And we have not forgotten the parents – they can spend time in nice barbecue sites. And most importantly – the family paradise is just a 30-minute drive from Tallinn.

Sports enthusiasts can find entertainment in adventure parks located all over Estonia. The largest of these is in Otepää, where long slides and trails high up in the trees provide excitement even to the most daring members of the family. Wonderful adventure parks are located in Pärnu County, Valgeranna and in Tallinn, Nõmme as well. Boys and men are definitely interested in kart racing.

Tallinn Zoo  is the place where all the members of the family can enjoy themselves. The older ones can admire a number of rare animal and bird species in Europe, take a nice walk and buy ice cream at a coffee shop. The smaller ones can visit the children’s zoo in the summer and see – and sometimes even pet – their favourite ones. Besides, there are other smaller animal parks and botanical gardens in Estonia (link http://www.puhkaeestis.ee/et/avasta-eestimaad/puhkus-looduses/botaanika-ja-loomaaed) – the most exciting ones are perhaps the Polli Zoo, Elistvere Animal Park and the Estonia’s largest botanical garden in Tallinn.

Lottemaa Theme Park
Largest theme park in the Baltics, Lottemaa is inspired by a popular local children's cartoon about a dog inventor who lives in a place called Gadgetville. Located nearby the popular sea resort of Pärnu, Lottemaa offers over a hundred attractions, themed houses and souvenir shops.

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However, entertainment is not the only way of having a good time. Almost all towns in Estonia have playgrounds in parks where children can play with each other – and it is all free of charge. In summer you can spend time on beaches with fine sand and special playgrounds and attractions for children.

When spending a vacation with children in Estonia, it is good to know that

  • Children travelling in a car must use a safety chair, carry cot or booster cushion appropriate for the weight and age of the child. Proper safety equipment is mandatory in all cars. When calling a taxi, ask the operator for information.
  • Public transport in Tallinn is free of charge for preschool children (up to 7 years) and for passengers travelling with a child under the age of 3.
  • For safety, it is recommended that you secure a strap with your phone number around the child’s wrist  – in case you should lose sight of each other.

 Estonia is a small and peaceful country with good conditions for family vacations. Come and bring your children with you!