Estonia is a relaxed and friendly travel destination, whether you're looking to explore the local historical towns or head to the nature. While you may be able to count on the fingers of one hand the number of local gay venues that exist in Estonia today, most mainstream bars, restaurants and hotels boast a mixed crowd and we recommend you take the most out of Estonia's versatile nightlife while here. 

Gay-friendly city life

Tallinn is the gay capital of Estonia with Tatari Street nearby Tallinn Old Town having become the home of many popular gay clubs.

There are no gay bars in Tartu, but they have a very active LGBT group organising monthly parties in different locations. However, as far as nightlife goes, you won’t find much happening outside those two cities.

Estonia has no partnership laws in place yet, but anti-discrimination law has a clause about sexual orientation and general attitude of the society is quite tolerant.

Safety tips:

Although Estonia is fairly open-minded, it is rare to see signs of public affection, especially in smaller towns and Russian speaking areas of Estonia (mainly eastern part of Estonia).

Medical staff and police are friendly and professional, so do not hesitate to turn to them in case you need some assistance.