Past times, wars, love stories, adventures, people – antique collectors are well aware of that special feeling you can get just from holding a piece of history in your hand.

Compared to other EU countries, it is much easier to find a bargain here. Antique restoration is relatively cheap too without compromising on quality. German, Swedish, Danish and Russian occupations have provided Estonia with a rich history and plenty of artefacts from 13th century onwards.

As a small nation, Estonians have valued their traditions by passing the memorabilia from generation to generation. So do not be surprised, if visiting an old farm house would mean you are eating at a table more than half a millennium old or sleeping in a bed – slightly uncomfortable and too short for sure – that the great-great-great grandfather of the landlord has carved.

Best antique buys:

  • German, Dutch and Scandinavian furniture & religious items.
  • Russian art, icons and jewellery.
  • Estonian handicraft, rustic furniture.
  • Soviet & military memorabilia.
  • Books.
  • Notes, records and musical instruments.
  • Maritime history / sailing items.

During summer, you can combine culture and antique hunting by visiting any of the local fairs – you can get fresh information from regional Tourist Information Centres.

Markets, antique shops and warehouses specialised in used furniture are open throughout the year.

Do what the locals do and take a trip to the markets at the weekend to find Soviet relics such as badges, uniforms, clocks, ceramics and other household items originating from the 60’s to 80’s.

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