It’s a popular all year round activity and Estonia's hundreds of rivers and lakes and thousands of islands hold plenty of fishing challenges plus the coastline is nearly 4000 km long, so beach fishing might tempt you too.

In summer there are almost no restrictions.

You can easily pick up a fishing permit or license in fishing supply stores, fishing clubs and elsewhere; these are also good places to obtain additional information about the best places to fish.

Children under the age of 16, pensioners over the age of 65 and individuals with special needs do not need a permit to fish.

Which fish can you catch in Estonian waters?

Brown trout, sea trout, chub, pike, pike perch, eels and sea lamprey are all relatively common.

You can find a full list here: Estonia Fish on Wikipedia

Fishing in Estonia: Rule and Regulations

    1. Line Fishing - Everyone is allowed to fish free of charge and without a special fishing permit with one simple hand line from sunrise to sunset on a water body belonging to the state, local government or on a privately owned water body designated for public use, taking into account the restrictions set for permitted fishing seasons, areas and fish species.
    2. Fishing Gear– You can use permitted fishing gear provided you make a payment for the right to fish for recreation and show a personal identification document.
      • Allowed fishing gear: a spinning reel, trolling line, pulling device, fly hook, bottom line, krunda, trimmer, hand line and more than one simple hand lines, harpoon gun, harpoon, fish hook.
    3. Fishing Card- With a fishing card, you are allowed to use the following fishing gear: gillnet, bottom set long-line of up to 100 hooks, dip-net and crayfish trap, hoop-net, dragnet.
      • Note that in addition, you will need a fishing card for catching salmon and sea trout on River Pirita, Jägala, Selja, Narva, Vääna, Purtse and Valgejõgi; for catching river trout on some rivers in Järva County and for catching with a harpoon on Lake Saadjärv and Lake Kuremaa.

The fishing cards can be easily purchased in any county Environmental Department.

Many Estonian manor houses are located in the country near rivers and lakes - why not combine luxury cultural accommodation with a spot fishing?