Tallinn is also one of the few capitals in Europe where open table poker is allowed – and several high class poker tournaments are hosted here, attracting top international players.

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush and high class gaming, aim for the casinos located in the chain hotels. “Casino” is a loose term in Estonia – some may only consist of “fruit machines” and not offer gaming such as roulette, poker, blackjack, craps, pontoon and so on.

There is only one specialist casino hotel in Estonia - Reval Park Hotel in Tallinn that has a luxurious casino, fine restaurants and beautiful rooms to stay.

Estonians generally like betting – but it is more likely they bet for fun amongst friends. The loser may have to carry out “challenging” activities rather than lose real money.

Outside casinos, the only other legal options available are:

  • Betting on horses at Tallinn Hippodrome.
  • Scratch cards / lottery tickets.
  • The stock market.

Online betting is growing popularity in Estonia and you can bet on Estonia sports with companies like Triobet and Unibet.

Casino regulation bans all gambling actions for people younger than 21 years old, lotteries are forbidden for people under 16.

Gambling taxes are given (100%) to charity to aid culture, sports, education, Estonian Red Cross, etc.

Casinos are the only places in Estonia where it is still legal to smoke inside.