Taking pictures is a great way to prolong your vacation, take a piece of it with you – and let you relive the happiest moments again and again.

Whether you are coming to Estonia on holiday or travelling on business, Estonia offers surprising photo possibilities. Short distances, untouched nature and rare flora and fauna make Estonia a dream destination for nature photographers. Modern architecture standing side-by-side with medieval buildings and Soviet relics provide other interesting possibilities.

You can take photos more or less anywhere. If it’s not allowed, there will be a sign. Most museums allow photos (without flash) and the same goes for restaurants. Ask permission if you are taking photos of people – it’s the polite thing to do.

You can get your films developed, images uploaded, photos printed or transferred to CD at the many photo stores in the cities.

4 Photos You Should Take in Estonia:

  • Forests and Nature Landscapes- create a unique mood plus, if you are quiet and quick, you could snap moose, wild boar, eagles and other animals.
  • Beaches / Islands– Estonia’s extensive untouched coastline and over 1500 islands make wonderful photo opportunities.
  • Ice Driving - would your friends believe it if you told them that Estonia builds ice roads on the sea in winter? Take a photo of you driving on the sea and prove it! And yes, there are traffic signs and yes, driving in a boat lane will sink your car!
  • Folk CostumesEstonians sing and dance a lot. There are hundreds of different folkloric costumes. Try to catch an event and take a snap or two.

Reasons for Nature Photographers to Come to Estonia:

Every year, Estonians have a event for photographers called “Bloodless Hunts”.

During your “Bloodless Hunt” experience you might most likely encounter:

  • 36 species of wild orchid.
  • 8 species of Woodpecker.
  • Atmospheric pine forests - habitats to Ural and Pygmy Owls.
  • Black Stork, Hazel Grouse, Capercaillie and Nutcracker.
  • Moose, Brown Bears, Wolves, Lynxes, European Beavers and Flying Squirrels.
  • Wonderful network of unspoilt wetland areas - bogs -, a lot of open space and silence.
  • Massive assemblies of migrating waterbirds from the Arctic.
  • “International Crane Assembly“ – an unforgettable experience.