Estonia has been a popular destination for wellness tourism for centuries. The history of our spas and resorts dates back more than 200 years, while our sauna traditions stretch back almost 800 years. As such, we know quite a lot about holidaying for your health, and we know what to offer people to make sure they get the most from their break. 

There is a lot to choose from in Estonia in terms of wellness holidays. In addition to our spas, you can get away from it all in the country’s beautiful natural environments or give yourself a workout at one of our many sports venues, before recharging your batteries at a restaurant where healthy food takes pride of place.

Spa breaks – here’s to your health!

There’s a large range of spas in Estonia. Everyone can be certain of finding just the right one for them.

  • Medical spas draw up a rehabilitation plan that’s based on the state of your health.
  • Wellness spas offer a wide range of treatments and procedures.
  • Spa hotels are a great place to take a break with the kids. You can make the most of their water centres together, and the children can enjoy their own activities and treatments.
  • Day spas offer a wide selection of health and beauty services without offering accommodation.

Several spas use Estonian peat, mud and mineral water in their treatments, which have healing qualities that have been renowned for hundreds of years.

Combine a concert or a play with a delicious, healthy meal in a restaurant… Round out a forest hike with a relaxing massage… Spend a romantic weekend unwinding in a scented bath… Spa breaks are sure to pamper both mind and body.

Wellness holidays in the lap of nature 

Why not spend a weekend on a tourist farm or at a recreation centre, or perhaps in one of our manor hotels? The fresh air and a bit of exercise will refresh you every which way! Go for a stroll along the beach, explore one of the country’s many health trails, or go hiking or meditating outdoors and soak up the atmosphere!

There’s no better way to end a day spent out in the open air than by relaxing in a sauna. To ancient Estonians the sauna was a sacred place, one from which they could draw energy. Today there are a number of ways to enrich the experience, from aromatherapy to barrel saunas.

Medical treatments using latest technologies

High quality, multilingual service and affordable pricing is the driving force behind the emergence of Estonia as a top medical tourism destination in Europe. A comprehensive list of modern clinics offering a wide range of services from diagnosis to treatment is available at