Estonia’s landscapes are as diverse as the birds and animals that call them home. The different feel of the four seasons presents the country in a new light, making nature tourism an exciting prospect at any time of year.

Western Estonia is a bird-watcher’s paradise in autumn and spring: as a region it is a key landing site for migratory birds, millions of whom stop here on their journeys. The high water in spring not only transforms the country’s karst landscapes, but also those of Soomaa national park – where you sometimes need a canoe not just to navigate your way through the forests and along the roads, but even around your house! This famed ‘fifth season’ draws visitors from far and wide.

Summer is the perfect time for a spot of hiking in the forest, fishing, water tourism and swimming in the country’s coastal and inland waters. You can also explore its meteorite craters, enjoy the white nights and visit our famous juniper-covered islands! You can bed down for the night in one of the State Forest Management Centre’s huts or camp out.

The snow that carpets the country in winter is ideal for animal-tracking and makes the wildlife that lives in Estonia’s forests far more noticeable – a majestic moose, even when spied from a distance, is a sight to behold against the white backdrop of the season. Winter is a great time for sledding, skating and skiing, too. It also produces some breathtaking natural features: after the first cold snap it’s worth visiting our waterfalls to admire the ice sculptures that have formed beneath them.

Estonia’s natural environment and cultural heritage are closely connected – so in addition to enjoying the great outdoors, why not also visit some of our manors, historical villages and museums? You should make the most of the active recreation opportunities Estonia offers as well, and pamper yourself in one of the country’s many spas.