Tallinn botanical gardens

Just 10 minutes drive (or why not cycle along the coastal path) from central Tallinn lay harmony of nature, landscape architecture, exotic plants, and local Estonian herbs – all at the Tallinn Botanical Garden, set in the beautiful Pirita River valley. The surrounding area is a lovely place to walk and near to the famous Pirita Convent ruins.

Pirita Sailing and Recreation Centre, a large sandy pine forest area, Metsakalmistu Cemetery, the last resting place of a number of celebrities in Estonian history, Tallinn TV Tower and a beautiful beach, are in the neighbourhood.

Tartu botanical gardens

If you plan to visit Tartu then don’t miss the Tartu Botanical Garden in the old town. It was founded in 1803 and contains some 7,000 different plant species, many impressive plant collections, over 200 varieties of rose, landscaped rock gardens, a subtropical house and a glasshouse containing tall palm trees. The Botanical Gardens also hold a large arboretum, with trees from all over Europe and East Asia, including a number of stately old Japanese maples.

Tallinn zoo

Tallinn Zoo holds one of the best collections of mountain goats and sheep in the world. It has an outstanding number of eagles and vultures and a remarkable collection of owl and crane species and even a few kangaroos and bears. It is perfect place for families. There is always something interesting to see and do. Feeding the animals is not permitted outside the kids zoo area where appropriate food is provided. Tallinn Zoo is an open plan zoo with designated picnic areas.

Elistvere animal park

Elistvere Animal Park in central Estonia (just 25 kilometres from Tartu) was established 10 years ago as an animal shelter. Wild animals with injuries were brought there to be healed and held them in the most natural environment possible. At Elistvere Animal Park, elk, brown bear, bison, wild deer, fallow deer, wild boar, lynx, fox, raccoon dog, pine marten, mink, pheasant and squirrel can be seen. Besides studying the animals you can go hiking in the picturesque park and watch the birds from the viewing platforms. Elistvere is a fantastic place for a picnic and for discovering Estonia’s wildlife.