The spectacle of Estonian winter

Winter in Estonia lasts from late November until late March with temperatures ranging from mild plus degrees to as low as minus thirty (-22°F). The daylight hours tend to be brief, which is perfect for those looking for a cosy winter romance in a lit up medieval surroundings, or yearning for a much obliged reset in a cute cottage in midst of the wintry nature. Marvel at the spectacle of frozen waterfalls, the coastline and sea, and the country’s snow-covered forests and national parks. If the winter is sufficiently cold and the sea is frozen, you can even experience the amazing feeling of driving from the mainland to the islands across Europe’s longest ice road.

Up for some skiing, sledding, skating or...snowshoeing?

If you were to ask what Estonians are particularly good at, you’d probably hear "skiing" among other perhaps less known activities such as kiiking and wife-carrying. If you are fixed on exploring Estonia’s cities or the countryside on foot, then skiing is a great option during the colder times of the winter season. Many Estonian cities have large green areas nearby the city centre offering stunning views of the snow-covered landscapes great for skiing or reliving your happy childhood moments on a sled. 

In mood for some ice skating? While ponds and lakes tend to naturally freeze over during the colder times of the winter, you can opt for an outdoor ice rink in Tallinn, Tartu and other larger towns.

Showshoeing by Aivar Ruukel

The authentic Estonian winter spa experience

The perfect way to end any active day is in a sauna – the combination of heat and cold as you cool off in the snow will invigorate both body and mind. You can try both Finnish sauna as well as Estonian smoke sauna, a tradition so great that it has even been listed by UNESCO. Find a sauna by booking your stay at a holiday cottage or head for the many spas scattered across the country.
Estonia sauna spa

Tallinn Christmas Market

It couldn't get more Christmas-y than Tallinn Christmas Market which opens every year from late November until early January. More than fifty stalls centered around the large Christmas tree make for that dreamy Christmas phenomena that has been widely regarded by international media outlets as the most charming, cosiest and enchanting. In case you didn't prepare for the changing weather, here you can stock up on traditional quilts, felted hats and slippers.
Tallinn Christmas Market