Toosikannu Holiday Centre

Did you know...?
* You can play adventure games here * You can go on an ATV, scooter or horse-drawn carriage ride, a snowshoe or bog trip, a photo hunt or hiking * You can also see a fantastic exhibition of hunting trophies * Toosikannu Holiday Centre serves game * Sauna delights can be enjoyed in a sauna with a Russian stove, a smoke sauna, a Finnish sauna and a hot tub

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  • 1Viktor1 1Viktor1
    Life in animal park...

    When you need to stay between deers, rads and rabbits... When you like forest and need to be some days without city noise and enjoy fresh air and good sleep in safe area.... When you like good food...

    One of the best countryside homes/recreation centers I've been to in Baltics. Ever.

    Came to Toosikannu Puhkekeskus Recreation Center by recommendation from friends. Although majority of venue was booked for private's big event, managers and chef of Toosikannu Puhkekeskus Recreation...

  • jadgoldie jadgoldie
    Great potential

    Facilities are excellent. The only downside is the awful smell from the water taps when you first turn them on (run them for a bit and the smell goes). Comfortable rooms - double bed and bunkbeds in...

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