Aegna island is located near the north coast of Estonia and has only 10 inhabitants, of whom only 2 spend their winters there.

From May to October, you can reach Aegna island by regular ferries that go up to twice a day and are operated by Kihnu Veeteed. During winter, Vormsi island is only accessible on foot if the sea has frozen.

The Pakri islands have a colourful history, as they used to be a part of the restricted military zone near Paldiski town. Contrary to their names, the Big Pakri (Suur-Pakri) is smaller and Small-Pakri (Väike-Pakri) is larger in size. These days, their limestone cliffs, huge boulders and rich bird kingdom are protected by law and 1998, the Pakri landscape conservation area was established to protect the islands’ rare and scientifically valuable geological objects and natural associations. Both Pakri islands are open for public and can only be reached by a pre-ordered speed-boat from Kurske port.

There are no inhabitants on the Pakri islands.