Prangli Island with its beautiful nature is located just off the shore from Viimsi, about 1.5 hours from Tallinn.

Prangli Island can be visited by the cruise liner Vesta, which departs from Leppneeme harbour twice a day. The ticket costs ca. 5 euros, but in summer it would be smart to book a trip in advance.

Regular day tours to Prangli Island are organised by Prangli Travel. The ticket price already includes the liner transport, and the bus departs from downtown Tallinn.

You can take your bicycle along as luggage, but no motor vehicles are allowed on the island. You can leave your car or motorcycle in Leppneeme harbour.

Leppneeme harbour is located at the end of Viimsi Peninsula in Harju County – a bit more than 15 km from downtown Tallinn.

Extreme sport enthusiasts can make their own way to Prangli by crossing the bay on a sea kayak or a water scooter, which can be rented from Kaberneene harbour. You can also arrive to Kelnase harbour on your own yacht or cutter from a destination of your choice.

Travelling with a group:

If needed, trips to Prangli Island can be ordered from the old mail ship Helge. The order should be submitted to Kihnu Veeteed at least a week before the trip.

Regular day tours to Prangli in both English and Estonian are organised in summer. Information on the times when the tours take place as well as other details can be found on the homepage of Prangli Travel.