Make sure you have booked your accommodation in advance. During our short summer season, hotels are often full. You may get a room on arrival but it may be more expensive and not one of the best available.

Go where you like; you can find decent hotels throughout the country and luxurious ones too. The value for money is good. A 4* hotel in Estonia costs a similar amount to a 3* hotel elsewhere in Europe.

Remember in Estonia it is as easy to stay in the countryside as in the towns. A lot of former manor houses have now been converted into hotels and spa centres. From them you can enjoy Estonia as you really should – in complete peace and quiet.

The easiest way to get around is by bus or car. Maps are widely available in Estonia.

Guidebooks about Estonia will suggest itineraries according to the time you have available. Two weeks in Estonia is ideal to introduce you to our towns, the countryside and our islands.

In Italy they say all roads lead to Rome. In Estonia they all lead to Tallinn, the medieval capital, and its likely you will arrive at Tallinn Port or Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport and use Tallinn as your starting point when planning your holiday travels in Estonia.

Of course its possible to travel around Estonia in different ways. Each has its merits: