Caravan and mobile home hikes let you be alone with nature.

 In Estonia, caravan and mobile home hikers can drive very close to nature. You can stop in a beautiful place in the forest or by the sea. Even only some kilometres away from the medieval Old Town of Tallinn, you can find a seaside camping place that offers services necessary for caravan and mobile home hikers.

 The best time for a caravan or a mobile home hike in Estonia is the summer. The white nights and enhanced road safety give you more time to enjoy the nature. You can find a sufficient amount of caravan camping sites in Estonia, they are especially plentiful in Western and Northern Estonia and on our biggest island, Saaremaa. Most of the camping sites are open from May to October.

 Estonian territory is fully covered with map data for GPS devices. Road atlases are on sale in bookstores, supermarkets and gas stations and for navigation there is a proper traffic signs system. There are comfortable ferries to take you to our biggest islands.

 With your caravan, you can drive freely to Latvia or take the ferry to Helsinki or Stockholm. If you plan to drive to Russia, remember that your caravan and car will need a separate permit, apart from your own personal visa.

 We keep our car headlights on all day, even in mid-summer. In fact if you hire a car locally, you will not be able to turn them off. Strange, but it is the law. When towing your caravan, you will need to keep its back lights on all day as well.

 The law says you must keep your driving licence and car registration documents with you at all times.