Snow certainly does not worry us; we see it every winter and quickly clear it. In the summer, with our long hours of daylight, you can start early and drive late, but preferably not on the same day! 

Tour operators who specialise in Estonia will have no problem in arranging car-hire for you or you can pick one up easily at the Lennart Meri Tallinn airport if you arrive by plane. 

Petrol is cheap and available throughout the country. Prices vary little between companies. Many petrol stations are open 24 hours a day and generally provide a reasonable selection of hot drinks and snacks.

Electric cars are also available for hire, with stations in Tallinn and Tartu. Over a hundred charging points are available across Estonia around petrol stations, shops and cafes. 

Some towns now have parking meters; you can usually pay by mobile phone. Check the instructions when you park. They should be in English as well as in Estonian.

Don’t bother hiring a car to drive around Tallinn. It is quicker to walk, catch a tram, bus or taxi.

We are very strict on drinking and driving. There is a zero tolerance policy. If you have had a lot to drink the night before, even after breakfast, there could still be traces of alcohol in your blood which would make you unfit to drive.

The speed limit in built-up areas is 50 km an hour. On the open road it is usually 90 km an hour but signs will always tell you. In the summer, this is sometimes increased to 110 km. Please do not be tempted to exceed it! Whilst our Ministry of Finance likes the money it collects from fines, we would prefer you to spend this money enjoying our country in other ways.

Do keep your driving licence and all registration documents concerning the car with you, in the car. Should the police ask to see them, they need to do so immediately and you cannot bring them later to a police station.