In most Estonian cities including the capital, Tallinn, interesting sites, restaurants and hotels are often so close to each other that it’s only a short walk from a to b. However you might want to save some time and catch a taxi, or perhaps take a day trip out of town. If you're travelling in a group, a taxi ride might even work out cheaper than taking the public transport.

In Tallinn, all taxis have their individual prices marked clearly on the rear passenger-side window in English. To obtain a receipt for the ride, you must ask the driver at the end of the journey. Receipt is known as "cheque" in Estonia. 

Approximate Taxi Fares in Tallinn

Central Tallinn to the Port2 km€ 4.5
Central Tallinn to the Airport4 km€ 7 
Central Tallinn to Open Air Museum7 km€ 8 
Central Tallinn to Paldiski48 km€ 27

In most Estonian towns, taxis are available at the bus or railway stations and other central locations, such as beside the Town Hall. The hiring charge is usually around €2. Longer city trips are unlikely to amount to more than €5-€7.

The rates charged will, to some extent, depend on the size and age of the car. In Tallinn, as in London, quite a lot of money can be saved by phoning a taxi company in advance. Most operators speak basic English, but you may find it easier to ask a local person to phone in Estonian or Russian.