Travelling between cities

Estonia's rail network today allows you to enjoy train travel between the country's capital, Tallinn, and such cities as Tartu or Viljandi as well as many smaller destinations. Trains in Estonia are operated by Elron and include both diesel trains as well as the new electric trains running since early 2014. The trains are equipped with free WiFi and most seats are very spacious with high back support and windows with adjustable sun shades.

You can also travel by train between Tallinn and Narva, the third biggest city in Estonia located nearby the Russian border. Towns also located on the train route are Rakvere and Jõhvi. Keep your eyes open along the way - you will see some stunning train stations as well as enjoy beautiful views of the countryside.

Train rides from Tallinn normally take 2 hours to Rakvere, 2.5 to Viljandi, 3 to Jõhvi or Tartu and 3.5 to Narva.

Timetables and tickets

Timetables can be found at railway stations and on Elron website. Tickets can be bought from train stations, online at or using cash on the train. The price of a ticket remains the same and you can also pay via bank card in all diesel trains from Tallinn to Tartu, Rapla, Türi, Viljandi, Narva and on returning journeys, as well as Tartu-Valga and Tartu-Koidula lines. Conductors selling tickets pass through the train carriage after every stop.

Trains are a very convenient and comfortable way of travelling in Estonia – you never have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or finding a place to park. Moreover, you can take your bike on the train with you, as well as larger bags and pets.

Take a train journey to the country!

Tallinn and surrounding Harju County are served by electric trains and provide a great starting point if you're setting out on a day's hike by foot or by bike. The stations are often located nearby nice bogs, coastal cliffs, lakes, rivers, manors and ancient fortresses. Trains will take you in two directions within the county: either toward Aegviidu or Paldiski, with all journeys starting from the Tallinn central railway station, known as 'Balti jaam'.

Trains to and from Russia

Once you've explored Estonia and discovered everything it has to offer, why not hop on a train and travel a little further afield – perhaps to Moscow in Russia? If you've never spent a night on a train, the journey from Tallinn to Moscow will prove an unforgettable experience!