You will also get a chance to enjoy beautiful scenery, glimpse of the more remote, wild and untouched landscapes and historic buildings.

There is only one international train line coming to Estonia: from Russia, Moscow (Leningradski Vakzal/Station). It travels on daily basis and the journey lasts about 15 hours: enough to enjoy the view, have dinner in the restaurant and a good night’s sleep.

In June 2009 seats cost from 55€ to 110€ for a sleeper. A private sleeper for a couple cost 420€.

Trains from the Latvian capital Riga set out for Valga in southern Estonia three times a day (5.28 am, 10.32 am and 5.33 pm). The trip takes three hours and costs around 5 euros.

Should you be interested in a truly luxurious experience and travel like the Russian royalty used to, you could rent the “Imperial Wagon”. It includes a private lounge area, three sleeping compartments (one with a double bed); private around-the-clock room service and dinners served in style. Cost is in the region of 3000€ (Tallinn-Moscow-Tallinn).

Good to know:

  • Please be sure to check your visa and requirements when travelling between Russia and EU countries.
  • When travelling from Tallinn to Moscow, you need to apply for a visa at least 14 days before the trip.