Finland, Helsinki is just 80km from Tallinn and during summer periods, car ferries sail every two hours.

Sweden, Stockholm is 380km from Tallinn and car ferries sail between Tallinn and Stockholm once a day.

Latvia, Riga is 350km from Tallinn – and you can take the Via Baltica road, which is a part from E67 Highway. Via Baltica also runs through Lithuania, Vilnius (530km from Tallinn). You can cross the border at Ikla border crossing point or drive through the city of Valga/Valka, if you prefer the slightly longer route or enjoying the scenery of rural Southern Estonia. 

Russia, Moscow is 1000km from Tallinn and St. Petersburg is around 350km from Tallinn – the easiest is to drive through the border crossing point in Narva/Ivangorod or Luhamaa/Shumilino or Koidula/Konichennaja Gora. Don’t forget: you will need a visa to enter Russia.

Main highways in Estonia are in good condition and driving from Riga to Tallinn or between any major cities in Estonia is smooth.

In the country-side, the road condition varies but is essentially good.

General speed limits:

  • 50km per hour inside cities / inhabited areas.
  • 90-110km per hour on motorways/highways.

Required documentation:

  • Passport or ID-card (within European Union).
  • Driving licence.
  • Valid insurance.
  • Registration certificate.

Good to know:

  • Mobile coverage in border areas overlaps to quite great extent – check the network availability: EMT, Tele2 and Elisa are Estonian networks and calls within EU are cheaper when compared with Russian networks.