Ferries to Hiiumaa are operated by Saare Liinid:

  • From the coast to Hiiumaa: Rohuküla (near Haapsalu) to Heltermaa (Hiiumaa) the boat goes several times a day
  • From Saaremaa to Hiiumaa: Triigi (Saaremaa island) to Sõru (Hiiumaa island) the boat goes every other day for most of the year, daily during summer

Ferries to Vormsi are operated by Kihnu Veeteed and go twice a day if the sea is open, starting from Rohuküla port (near Haapsalu) and going to Sviby port in Vormsi.

Both ports in Hiiumaa and Vormsi are open to the public, so you can take your yacht or speed-boat there, too.

Hiiumaa also has a coach and flight connection from Tallinn. Ferry tickets are included in the bus tickets and cost up to 15EUR. The plane goes once a day from Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport and is operated by Avies and tickets cost up to 20EUR.

Ice roads are opened only during colder winters when the sea is properly frozen. Just follow the traffic signs and instructions and it’ll be a fun and safe way to travel.