Trip to Väike-Pakri (Small Pakri) island

On this trip, you get a good overview of the history of the Pakri islands, the culture of coastal Swedes, and the untouched nature of the area. We will explore limestone bluffs and visit a military base abandoned by Soviet forces. We can also explore the everyday life of locals.
The trip is meant for groups of 8 to 10, or 16 to 21 people; clients must put groups together the themselves.
The price includes boat trips, tour guide services, and warm lunch on the island.

Good to know: the names of the Pakri islands are the wrong way round – the area of Väike-Pakri ("Small Pakri") is 12.9 km², while the area of Suur-Pakri ("Big Pakri") is 11.6 km².

Features and amenities
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