Koit Toome's "Kaugele siit" hit of the year in Estonia!

04. January 2010

The song Kaugele siit (Far from here), by the 1998 Estonian representative Koit Toome has won the award to the hit of the year at the Aastahitt 2009 awards, held in Tallinn. Urban Symphony, the group that represented the country last year in Moscow, took 2nd place and was crowned as newcomer of the year 2009.

Two Estonian Eurovision representatives top the list of national acts at the Aastahitt 2009 awards. Koit Toome won the prize to the hit of the year with Kaugele siit and Urban Symphony placed 2nd with Rändajad. The 2009 Estonian representatives won the award to the newcomer of the year as well. Marko Matvere, who hosted the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest, and the group The Sun, whose lead singer is Tanel Padar (Eurovision winner in 2001), also appear among the  top-10 songs. The full list is as follows:

  1. Koit Toome - Kaugele siit
  2. Urban Symphony - Rändajad
  3. Birgit Õigemeel - Moonduja
  4. Shanon - Läbi Pisarate
  5. HU? - Elupõletaja
  6. Winny Puhh feat Genka - Peegelpõrand
  7. Liisi Koikson & Marko Matvere - Tuulevaiksel ööl
  8. Bedwetters - Long.Some.Distance
  9. The Sun - Tõusva päikese poole
  10. HND - Kõverpeegli rahvas

Source: http://www.esctoday.com/news/read/14748