Source: Vaike Jakopson

Urvaste Primeval Valley, Lake Uhtjärv

Urvaste Primeval Valley is 10 km long with a multitude of deep valleys. It runs through the Urvaste rural municipality from north-west to south-east and is 40 m deep near the church.
There are two big lakes in the valley: Uhtjärv, the fifth deepest lake in Estonia (28 m), Lõõdla (8 m) and the small lake Luhasoo. There is a watershed on the floodplain in the middle of the valley where creeks, nourished by springs, flow into the Väike-Emajõgi river basin and to Koiva river basin through river Mustjõe.
The Urvaste Fort or the so-called Old Town stood on the north-eastern shore of Uhtjärv. The sacrificial well known as Silmaveeallikas (Spring of Tears) is located between the Fort and Uhtjärv. There are also a lot of folk legends connected with Uhtjärv.

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