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Vaivara Blue Hills Museum

The Vaivara Blue Hills Museum provides an overview of the Vaivara parish and manor and an in-depth audio-visual look at the Battle of Tannenberg Line held here in 1944.

There is an outdoor exhibition outside the museum building, or you can go for a hike along a hiking trail that passes by the fragments of fortifications from three different eras: the so-called Swedish Ramparts, earth ramparts constructed by Russians fearing attack by the Swedes during the Great Northern War; the pre-defence lines against land forces for St. Petersburg from the First World War; and the German Eastern reserve defence line, the so-called Tannenberg Line from the Second World War.

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  • Preben K Preben K
    For the modern-history buff!!!

    WWII - in Estonia. ! In 1944 fierce fighting took place between retreating german forces and the Red Army. App. 22000 germans troops ( among them both danish, norwegian and Swedish voluntiers) held...

  • Jebir Jebir
    A little gem

    The museum itself may not seem like much. But the people who runs it is the REAL attraction. Very interested in their field, and knowledgeable. And very interested in talking about the history of the...

  • 46erling46 46erling46
    Slagen vid "Blå bergen" 1944 !

    Museumet handlar om tiden från våren och sommaren 1944, när tyska trupper tillsammans med estniska förband, plus frivilliga europeiska förband under ledning av en tysk general, grupperade sina...

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