Valaste Waterfall

Valaste Waterfall situated on the Ontika Limestone Cliff is the highest in Estonia with its fall of 30 metres. The waterfall shows its more rebellious side of nature in springs and during the high water season. In summer and during the dry period you can only see the groundwater oozing out from between different layers. The waterfall is particularly picturesque in winter, when the combination of northerly winds blowing from the sea and the sprinkles of water create a real ice castle on the trees on the precipice. The Ontika Limestone Cliff is the highest spot on the famous 1100-kilometre-long Baltic Klint that runs from the island of Öland in Sweden to the vicinity of Lake Ladoga in Russia.


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  • Kaldkri Kaldkri

    Amazing, especially in winter

    If you are in this part of Estonia and it is winter, you have to go there! It is a wonderful place, that what nature makes with waterfall is really beautiful.

  • GreteSmiles GreteSmiles

    Charming yet closed in December 2015

    I've been there multiple times but always preferred it in winter instead of summer as the ice does something simply magical with the waterfall. However, it was really crowded at night so that even...

  • Loraq Loraq

    Winter wonderland

    I've visited this place for a couple of nice pictures, it's really beautiful during winter time, when the frost freezes up all the trees. Magical.

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