Valgehobusemägi is an upland area in Albu municipality, which is in Järva County. Valgehobusemägi rises to a height of 106 m. At the top is an observation tower with a view of the forests of the Kõrvemaa region. At the foot of the hill is the Valgehobusemägi skiing and recreational centre. Interesting to know: Once the Estonian epic hero Kalevipoeg is said to have been ploughing with his horse on the outskirts of Mägede village. While his horse grazed, he lay down for a nap. Wolves came out of the valley and attacked the white steed. The remains of the animal formed a hill which in Estonian means White Horse Hill. There are other features on the hill that are reminiscent of anatomical equine features. A bit farther off in the forest are great furrows said to have been left by Kalevipoeg's plough.

Features and amenities


Valgehobuse, Mägede küla, Albu vald, Järva maakond

Getting there


  • Signposted
  • By excursion bus
  • By car


59°13'24''N 25°33'46''E | Download GPX file