Source: Dagen Haus külalistemaja erakogu

Valipe puhkemaja (Valipe holiday home)

The house is located in the village Valipe. It used to be a poor man’s farm place, with a few ancillary buildings and the ruins of a stone wall on the slightly higher land of the surrounding alvar.
A farmyard that fits into the local landscape with the buildings and its stony and rainless environment was restored here. From the windows of the farm the immemorial Valipe hill fort is visible in 700 m distance and behind the farm lies the deserted and bare alvar of Sarve. The new main building of Valipe lies on the fundament of the former main building but is entirely new. All rooms are located on the ground floor, the house has a traditional thatched roof, the floor is made of slate and the walls are daubed.

Features and amenities
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