Vällamägi is one of the biggest natural landforms in Estonia with an altitude of 304 metres. When considering relative height, Vällamägi is the highest mountain in Estonia, topping Suur Munamägi. The hiking trail on Vällamägi runs along the sides of Vällamägi, with slopes of 35–40 degrees in places. There's also a pleasant surprise in the midst of primeval spruces for the hikers: a scenic hiking cabin with a sauna. This building gives an idea about the numerous small farms that used to stand in these forests.

Useful information: It will rain, if Vällamägi steams. The bog with the thickest layer of peat and with the highest location in Estonia is on Vällamägi.

Features and amenities


Haanja küla, Haanja vald, Võru maakond

Getting there

Vällamägi is part of the Haanja Nature Park and is located by the Võru-Haanja road. Drive 11 km from Võru towards Hanaja, then you'll see a sign "Vällamäe matkarada" pointing to the left. Turn left and you'll reach the parking lot in about 200 m, there you'll see further signs pointing you to Vällamägi. Drive 2 km when coming from Haanja and turn right. The Vällamägi hiking trail is 2.2. km. If you want to stay in the house, you have to book it beforehand on RMK's website. Sleeping in the attic of the house is free.


  • Signposted
  • By public transport
  • By car
  • Sealed access road

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Bus: Simula


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