Source: Veski Külalistemaja

Veski Guesthouse

In Veski Guesthouse in the small Southern Estonian town of Antsla you will feel cosy and comfortable. Your family members can spend their time safe in the yard of the Guesthouse enclosed by fence: there is a playground for children, a place for grilling in inner court and enough space for playing different games. It is also possible to try tandem cycling there.

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  • Jason B Jason B
    A bar and a bed

    Not to many chances in life will you get to stay in a hotel one floor above a bar. Here you do. Estonian beers and food are on tap and everything is cheap and delicious. Rooms are small but...

  • gretatt gretatt
    Small and quiet

    A small guesthouse in a small town. Good price for a spacious room with a big bathroom. The breakfast wasn't super, but it was prepared for us on the spot, so it was fresh and better than your usual...

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