Viimsi Open Air Museum

Come and see an authentic and historical coastal village for yourself!

The main part of Viimsi Open Air Museum is the historical Kingu farmyard: a farmhouse (with a barn) from the 1820s, a dwelling from the early 20th century, a barn and other buildings.

The reconstructed Krüger and Silberfeldt fishermen's houses are also situated in their historical location on the farm land.

Fishing net sheds, boat hoists and drying racks as well as objects needed in the fishermen’s everyday work can be seen.

The museum hosts a range of events and there is a farmer's market every Saturday year-round from 10:00-14:00.

Tickets also allow admission on the same and following day to the nearby Museum of Coastal Folk.


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  • 0721_D 0721_D

    Unique Complex Of Seaside Farmhouse - Historical Site To Visit

    Located in Viimsi, about 30 minutes drive from Old Town Talliinn, this open-air museum is a unique complex of seaside farmhouses, going back to the middle of 19th century (approximately year 1865...

  • Illend Illend

    How did Estonians live 200 years ago?

    During visit to Tallinn You should also visit Viimsi Open air museum. It's compact, yet comprehensive to give glimpse to Estonian peasant livelihood at past, up to late thirties of last century.

  • NapierAro NapierAro

    Cold and Authentic

    So, other reviewers suggest this is best visited in summer, but I beg to differ. To view a collection of 19th century farm buildings in the snow and cold, shows the severity of life these people...

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