Vormsi Cemetery

Vormsi Cemetery right next to St Olav’s Church on the island of Vormsi is one of the most unique cemeteries in Estonia. In the older part of the cemetery you will find many limestone and sandstone wheel crosses. More than 330 wheel crosses have survived and there are many crosses of ordinary shapes.
Interesting facts: There are two memorial stones in the churchyard – one for the Estonian-Swedish cultural figure Hans Pöhl, and the other for the Swedish missionary Österblom who brought about fundamental changes in the local religious life. Try to find the oldest grave stone in the cemetery originating from 1743. Outside the churchyard you can see one of the few freedom monuments in Estonia which stood in its place through the whole of the Soviet era.

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  • 46erling46 46erling46
    Svenskarnas gravstenar med Hjulkors !

    Hjulkorsen utanför S:t Olavs kyrka härrör från sen medeltid till senast 1800-tal ! Korsen vittnar om den svenska befolkningen på Ormsö och deras gravstenar !

  • Monolast Monolast
    Кладбище кельтов

    Очень редкое кладбище древнего народа кельтов. Такие захоранения харрактерны своими "памятниками", а вернее крестами. В северной часте Европы довольно редкое явление, которое можно увидеть на остраве...

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