Source: Arvo Tarmula

Vormsi Landscape Protection Area

The aim of Vormsi Nature Protection Area is to protect rare landscapes, heritage, culture and plants. The two internationally important bird protection areas on the coast of Vormsi – bays of Hullo and Sviby – and Hari strait with coastal meadows and islets are named research areas of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
Interesting places: Hullo bay – a nesting and a stopping place for birds. In spring you can see thousands of scaups, long-tailed ducks, ducks, barnacle geese and woodcocks there. Rumpo peninsula is the habitat of the rare lichens characteristic for tundras, but rare in Estonia. Also take a look at Rälby bog, Dilby peninsula, Saxby beach and Prästviigi Lake.

Features and amenities
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