Soomaa national park

One of the dozen protected wilderness areas in Europe, Soomaa draws in nature holiday makers and photographers from all over the world for its ancient and raw natural mystique.

Soomaa national park pleases the eye with its endless wilderness, including large bogs, native forests and flooded meadows. Soomaa is annually visited by a considerable number of bird watching enthusiasts looking to catch a glimpse of the many species that pass through Estonia during the spring and autumn seasons.

The lack of human activity makes Soomaa a sanctuary for both large and small mammals. Moose, roe deer, wild boars, lynxes, wolves and bears live in Soomaa’s forests and beavers help shape its wet landscape. Last but not least, early springtime visitors at Soomaa have an extraordinary opportunity to canoe through flooded trails and courtyards, also known as the 5th season.

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