Win an Estonian Prize Pack curated by Kerli

Last updated 18.10.2016

Win an Estonian Prize Pack curated by Kerli

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Kerli KõivMusician

 These are some of my favourite Estonian companies and products that I've hand-picked to be part of our Estonian prize-pack sweepstakes. There's everything from rare health foods to luxurious beauty products to magical accessories in these goodie bags. It's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the wonderful Estonian products that exist, but it's a great start!

Competition dates: September 30 – October 30.
Winners will be selected at random from all entries. Winners will be notified via email.

Competition is sponsored by ChagaHealth, JOIK, ÖÖLOOM, KUMA and Suva.

Competition rules and regulations


Up and coming superfood, chaga is essentially a fungus that grows on birch trees in only a few natural habitats, Estonia being one of them. Packed with antioxidants and even considered a cancer cure by some, the forest dwellers in Siberia call it "the mushroom of immortality" and the Chinese have crowned it "the king of the plant kingdom". Elemental Elixir is a team of five organic elements, chaga being one of them, that gives you balance from within.


There's always a JOIK candle in my bag, wherever in the world I travel to as nothing beats their delicious scents and chic, minimal design. I'm also a huge fan of the body products, almost all of which are organic and made of locally sourced ingredients.


Hands down the cutest item in our goodie bag! These sleep masks from ÖÖLOOM will get you through the Estonian white nights (it almost never gets dark in the summer) or make a great addition to your travel must-haves. My favorite has to be the unicorn, although the penguin and the panda are irresistibly adorable too.


Butterflies are close to my heart as a symbol for transformation and it's a pleasure to team up with the magical KUMA. They create butterfly inspired jewelry, guaranteed to add a touch of ethereal beauty to any outfit.


SUVA sock fabric is one of the oldest Estonian brands and I've been in love with their etno collection since it came out. All the designs are inspired by old Estonian patterns, giving new life to the handicraft of my ancestors.

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Last updated 18.10.2016
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