Woods Crone Family Park

The Woods Crone Family Park is a group of farms located among the rolling hills of Kaika that offer a variety of ways to discover a healthy lifestyle and folk medicine. In the farm programmes you can discover herbal medicine, leech therapy, the magical world of bees and fungus, or personally experience the effect of spells and places to meditate. In our summer camps you can learn how to prepare meals from weeds, homemade bread and herbal remedies and learn healthy bits of the wisdom of nature. 

Good to know: 

* individual visitors can visit the farm on their own

* in the spring the Woods Crone looks forward to welcoming children, while in the summer she welcomes women who wish to come to the women's camp to take time out for themselves. 

Features and amenities


Veetka, Mähkli küla, Antsla vald, Võru maakond

Getting there

From Antsla drive 13 km through the Karula National Park towards the visitor's centre where you will find a sign indicating a turn off to the right - Metsamoori Perepark - Veetka talu. Drive 1-1.5 km along the small village road to the Veetka Farm yard.


  • Signposted
  • By car
  • By excursion bus


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