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'World Film' - Festival of Visual Culture

Telephone: (+372) 735 0447
Website: http://www.worldfilm.ee/ External link
E-mail: festival@worldfilm.ee

Tartu's Festival of Visual Culture, which this year takes on the theme of 'World Film', will show a selection of anthropology and ethnography documentaries from around the globe. The films will be shown to audiences on every continent in the space of one week, with the focus being on a large number of 'foreigners' who viewers will have the chance to meet. A total of almost 50 documentaries will be shown during the festival. There will also be special programmes, exhibitions, workshops and meet-and-greets with film makers.

Times and prices

'World Film' - Festival of Visual Culture

  • Tartu, Tartu
  • 14.03 - 23.03.2015, 10:00