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“The ballet world in search of a major choreographer need search no more. He is Boris Eifman…”
Anna Kisselgoff, „The New York Times“

Boris Eifman - Artistic Director of St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet, People’s Artist of Russia, the Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, the laureate of the Golden Mask and the Golden Soffit awards, the holder of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, 4th, 3rd and 2nd class. The founder and creator of his own theater, his own style, and his own ballet universe, he is called “one of the leading choreographers in the world” and an “amazing magician of the theater”.

Eifman brilliantly combined cutting-edge achievements in the world of ballet with what he learned in the academic school of classical Russian choreography, to which he traces his roots. His dancers, who had an exclusively academic grounding, had to acquire a new vocabulary of body movement.  It is a completely different kind of choreography, whose fundamental principle came into being as the theatre was formed by Eifman.

It is this penetration into the realm of the unexplored – in the choreography and in the sphere of ideas – that is arguably the hallmark of Boris Eifman. When he turns to works that are familiar even to unsophisticated members of the audience, or to the stories of life of Moliere, Tchaikovsky or Rodin, it would be hard to expect any new revelations in them. But in the well-known novels and plays, in the lines of verse that we know by heart, Eifman sees nuances that no one else has noticed, he finds that which is capable of astonishing, he detects new meanings.

When Eifman turns to the works of great writers or to the lives of geniuses and translates them into the language of ballet, this is immersion, through the physical, in the psychic, through the body, in the soul, through words, in ideas. His unique lexicon and conceptual, authorial interpretations are a breakthrough into that fantastic dimension where it is not the story that comes to life but the boundlessness of inner worlds.

The guest performance in Tallinn is oarganized by Estonian Ballet Agency (Eesti Balletiagentuur).
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Kesklinna linnaosa, Nordea Kontserdimaja, Tallinn

Boris Eifmani ballett 'Rodin' [Rodään] / Балет Бориса Эйфмана 'Роден'

18.02.2017, 19:00 - 21:30

Boris Eifmani ballett 'Onegin' / Балет Бориса Эйфмана 'Онегин'

19.02.2017, 19:00 - 21:30

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