Fra Mare Thalasso Spa -aulabaari

Fra Mare Thalasso Spa -hotellin aulassa on 35-paikkainen aulabaari. Se on paras mahdollinen paikka rentouttavia ja virkistäviä kahvitaukoja varten.

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  • RunawayLunatic RunawayLunatic
    Not too refreshing..

    Went there on a hot summers day, longing for a refreshing milkshake and a piece of something sweet. Should have taken a bottle of cold beer instead. Milkshake was about the same temperature it was...

  • leenilang leenilang
    Very testy

    All the dishes were very pleasant and tasty. The range is also gluten and lactose-free foods. Lovely terrace overlooking the sea, good cuisine and service.

  • vivian L vivian L
    Small lobby-bar

    Not a good variety of sweets, coffee with a small pastry or cake would be nice. Drinks and beer assortment was satisfactory. Some newspapers available but not up to date for foreign customers.

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