163 - Kaiu bicycle route

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Kaiu – Toomja – Kasvandu – Kuimetsa karst area – Suurekivi – Põlliku – Vana-Kaiu – Kaiu

For the most part, this signposted route runs on paved roads. The Mahtra and Aela-Viirika protected wetlands and the Kuimetsa karst area make this route unique, but there are man-made sights worth seeing too (the former Kaiu Collective Farm, Toomja Village, Villema Farm, Rahu Park).

There are a few manors nearby, but the only building that is still standing is the Vana-Kaiu manor house. If you are looking for more adventures, you can explore the karst area or visit the Loosalu-Paluküla and Lake Kadja hiking trails.

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